The issues we solve

Counteraction business assets loss and its beneficiary owner defense

We make a complex strategy development and business beneficiaries assets protection tactics from taking over by competitors during the corporate and family confrontations, bankruptcy procedures, which are complicated with law or tax specific.

Legal expertise intragroup deals and operations

We make a complex estimation of tax risks and give recommendations how to integrate them in working process of multinationals and national groups of companies

Tax controversy, dispute resolutions and taxpayers’ interests’ protection

We make a complex development of taxpayer’s rights and protect their position in disputes against tax authorities. We can provide you with a full range of dispute resolution options on the basis of relevant law practice and legal doctrine analysis of circumstances in needed forms of process.

Tax incentives consultation and consulting in getting resident status in specific economic zones

We make a complex analysis and prepare investors for becoming residents in specific economic (or tax) zones. In addition, we can prepare legal arguments for obtaining tax benefits in the scope of relevant preferential tax regimes.

Attorneys’ at law investigations

We can collect the necessary information and evidence for qualified legal support in tax cases.

Criminal Tax Defense

We provide qualified legal defense in cases of tax crimes. We can provide your personal attorney at law to help in specific investigation actions.

Tax legal compliance for Your Digital Transformation process

We prepare legal opinions, provide the necessary documentation taking into account the comparative legal analysis of the best global practices of digital transformation.

Family assets disputes resolution for businessmen and individuals. Family assets protection

We make a complex family assets estimation and capital ownership’s structure. We offer the ways of improving legal protection and implement our client’s decisions.


Office 15.12, 10 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 

Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620075


Office 15.12, 10 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 

Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620075

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